Custom Solutions

Being in such a dynamic industry, we have the ability to truly create unique value added solutions. Lo-K Product Offerings are all designed with a core framework that allows the customization and selection of any features or functionality.

Majority of our customers will begin with a core product from our product line and then begin a full customization process from there. However, customers are welcome to request a custom solution from the ground up.

Working closely together, we will be able to design any custom solution desired, limited only to the creative ideas and business drivers and requirements of our clients.

Custom Solutions could be based on but not limited to:

Please contact our sales team to set up a complimentary initial consultation appointment to discuss your custom needs.

  • E-Catalog / VAVO (Virtual Aisle Vendor Out-Store Selling)

  • RFID full self-system check out

  • Product location, resource path-finding

  • Gift Registry

  • Customer Rewards

  • Media Center

  • Interactive Menus

  • Directory Services

  • Information and Promotional Media

  • GART (Gender and Age Recognition Technology) based Advertisement