Lo-K Systems Inc.

Lo-K Systems is a premier provider of self-service technology for the retail industry.  From resource locating, path-finding, and content deployment to consumer data-mining, we offer cutting edge end-to-end enterprise solutions for all retail self-service kiosk needs. 


By focusing on the consumer experience, we have created a truly flexible highly scalable platform to support a multitude of revenue generating features.  Imagine having a product or store locator, gift registry, couponing, weekly circulars, clearance items and customer rewards programs integrated into a single solution.


Lo-K Systems will empower customers and employees alike, increase ticket sales, while improving consumer satisfaction and heightening the customer experience. We are an innovative fast growing company revolutionizing the self-service kiosk industry with our unique approach in solution design and platform flexibility. 


With corporate  headquarters based in Houston and sales/support offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Charlotte, North Carolina, Lo-K Systems Incorporate is quickly becoming the market leader in intuitive "out of the box" ultra-naturalistic self-service solutions.


From our product locator to our events location system, our end goal will always be to perpetually "show  you the world" in a different light.

Interactive Technology Center

The Lo-K office facility includes a Technology and Conference Center featuring some of the latest innovations in kiosk technology as well as a model showroom. Contact our sales staff today to arrange a demonstration or to attend one of our seminars.