Enhancing The Experience

The most frustrating point of pain for consumers in large venues, whether it be a big box retailer, a large shopping complex, or a mega campus, is the inability to locate products, services and/or other resources.

Customers are more comfortable with enabling technologies and are more demanding for convenience than ever before.  When consumers are not able to locate products or services easily, the potential for lost opportunities is greatly amplified, directly affecting your bottom line.

Lo-K Systems specializes in enabling technologies that ensure your audience can easily locate your offerings with a simple touch. Our full line of path-finding and resource-locating solutions will empower customers and employees alike, increase ticket sales, while improving consumer satisfaction and heightening the customer experience. 

As partners in the consumer interfacing sales and marketing strategy, we together can 
"show your customers the world"

News & Events
Lo-k proudly presents Move 1.0 release for real time on-premise traffics analysis, traffic flow monitoring, and people tracking technology.  Come see us at the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas , Feb 12-13th @ Booth 543.

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